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Digital Twins or 3D Digital

Currently, the practice of digital prototyping is evolving with the digital twin or Digital Twins – Augmented a concept that brings 3D rendering of a traditional product in the new reality of a physical and virtual world by viewers as Augmented Reality of Mi3D .

This new means of connecting information about the physical product and its behavior in the real world with the digital 3D representation allows us to use it in all products and services such as engineering and other areas. The requirement to view, interact and get information about the product in a virtual world and digital mixing is partly driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) and increasing the products connected …. what we now call CONNECTIVITY of things or the internet of things.

The result of this new product or service or digitized objects Digital Twins enables collaboration of people more efficiently by allowing expose the product on the market or in projects to finally deliver the right services.

There are many companies that are betting strong in this field of 3D scanning by the concept and its potential benefits as it enables offering process efficiency design and production, improve product quality and innovation, and foster better serviceability products, ultimately benefit customers.

We can even apply the concept of Digital Twins in architecture to generate BIM models and then display them in Augmented Reality, either to display 3D model, engineering, electronics …


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