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Happy new year 2016! First augmented Reality of 2106!

Happy new year 2016! First augmented Reality of 2106!

First of all, all the team of Augmented Reality Holaapp and from our blog’s team want wish you Happy New Year 2016!

Start our blog in this new year with our first augmented reality to 2016 so we just launch our new version of Holaapp augmented Reality App ans we are very happy and proud!

Also, thanks to all the expressions of support and interest recieved every day from all parts of the world and their interest in working in the world of augmented reality and work with Holaapp .


Hola! Feliz 2016!!!

Hi! Happy 2016!!!

The Augmented Reality is a technology that every day is growing and taking more prominence,  more and more people will know. People who a few years ago and didn’know how to write an email and thanks to Facebook , the Internet and smartphones have evangelized in this new digital era.

First, download Holaapp augmented reality app by IOS or Android links:

Realidad Aumentada IOS iPhone Ipad



Now, Start Augmented Reality Holaapp and press “ADD EXPERIENCE” button . Ok, very good!!! 🙂

Subir experiencia de Realidad Aumentada

Up the Augmented Reality Experiece.

Write the experience: DEMO in the box and link it.

Añadir experiencia de Realidad Aumentada

Add the experience in the box of Augmented Reality




Now, you must point your camera at the next marker, trying to focus the marker entirely within the phone screen , not a part . Ooooooohhh !! Augmented Reality is showing!

marcador de realidad aumentada escultura holaapp

Augmented Reality marker  holaapp

You should be able to see the augmented reality of 360º sculpture like this::

Holaapp Realidad aumentada escultura

Holaapp Augmented Reality Sculpture



And now shares Augmented Reality by pressing the lower right button app . Mission complete! Congrats!!!

redes sociales holaapp

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